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Locum Management System

Phigit's Locum Management system is the premier choice for comprehensive locum management. It is cloud-based and is offered globally.

The efficiencies gained through an effective Locum management software solution are great. 

The built-in telehealth capabilities delivers scheduled and on-demand video options for the locum network. Complete booking management options including the calendar management for your locums.


Locum Booking

The initial step is to match a Locum to the assignment. Filters can be applied based on location, qualifications, specialisation, availability and much more. Invite Locum's through email and/or text message (SMS) to an assignment. The system will automatically update based on the response. Locum's can be automatically assigned. They receive confirmations on the assignment and also reminders through SMS and email. A full history of the assignments is captured in the system for billing and reporting purposes. Locum's have their own view of their assignments and can also see all their past jobs. Client's see the status of each booking and a summary of the information on the assigned Locum.

Locum Qualification Credential Management

Matching Locum's to opportunities can be challenging. Through our extensive credential management system, details of all relevant credentials and compliance documentation are captured and associated with the Locum. These credentials are matched against the client requirements for the smooth allocation of work to locum.

Locum reporting

With an extensive choice of pre-configured reports combined with the built-in report generator tool, locum coordinators have powerful reporting options. 

Client Invoicing

Details of the completed assignments are uploaded to the system. This captures the time and supports invoicing. 

Professional Payment

Actual hours are captured for payment to the medical professional.